Our firm has as strong commitment to ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance matters

ESG – short for Environmental, Social and Governance – is a set of standards measuring an organisation’s impact on the environment and on society, and how transparent and accountable it is


The environmental aspect focuses on how the business minimises its impact on the environment by implementing more sustainable and ethical practices, for example:

• encouraging recycling and reducing the amount of waste destined for landfill. • reducing carbon footprint by changing to LED lighting or using renewable energy sources with the aim of becoming a net zero organisation

• developing greener products and services

• switching to zero-waste products or sustainable packaging using biodegradable materials


The social aspect of ESG focuses on how a business impacts both the workplace culture, and also wider society, with a core focus on equality, fairness and ethical business practices, including:

• promoting equality in the workforce with diversity and inclusivity policies, and being mindful of the gender pay gap

• monitoring the entire supply chain actively preventing abuse of labour rights, including modern slavery

• ensuring sound health and safety practices and advocating mental wellbeing

• investing in local community projects, such as funding educational programmes or supporting grassroots sports


The ‘G’ in ESG looks at governance i.e. practices and policies that ensure regulatory and legal compliance. This aspect also looks at the business’s ethical behaviour and its transparency with stakeholders, which will resonate particularly well with investors, and can thereby be instrumental in fostering the growth of the business. Examples of governance practices include:

• accurate and timely reporting to stakeholders on financial performance, business strategy and operations

• ensuring those in senior positions are accountable for risk and performance management

• taking an ethical stance, implementing measures to prevent bribery and money laundering

• ensuring openness about executive remuneration

The Evans Entwistle ESG Commitment

Here are just a few examples of our own commitment to ESG principles

E – we aim to conduct all business operations electronically, minimising the use of paper across the organisation to offset our carbon footprint

S – we support several grassroots football teams and undertake a minimum of 1 day pro bono work per month for charitable organisations such as Cardiff Dogs Home and the Penarth Chamber Music Festival

G – we adhere to a stringent ethical code of conduct as laid down by our professional bodies, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants