Accounts Preparation

Your responsibilities as a business owner, partner or limited company director to prepare and submit accounts to HMRC and/or Companies House can appear onerous and time consuming. In addition, you may find that creditors, banks and other financial institutions will require sight of your financial statements to support your application for credit facilities and business funding

Our aim is to assist you in meeting your statutory obligations as well as ensuring that your financial statements and annual report present a positive image of your business.

We are experienced in undertaking the preparation of accounts whether they are for sole trader, partnerships or limited companies, and whether you employ a computerised (Sage, QuickBooks, Xero or Excel) or a manual system.

Upon receiving your financial records our service will involve summarising all of your business transactions which will provide the basis for developing the profit and loss account, balance sheet and any corresponding tax return. In accordance with your circumstances the accounts will comply with current UK GAAP (generally accepted accounting practice), financial reporting standards and any other legislation as outlined by the Companies House and HMRC.

Upon finalisation of the accounts, we will discuss them in detail with you, explaining in detail all matters disclosed by the accounts and their implications for example, the tax liability based on profits, likely reaction of investors to the bottom line, identifying trends, etc. This will provide you with the knowledge to capitalise on successes and take early action on any identified areas of weakness.

With Evans Entwistle you can be sure your business will be fully compliant and your accounts will be presented to you in a manner in which you can understand.

We can also offer specialist advice to Contractors who provide professional services via limited company.