Business Process Re-Engineering

Many people see BPR as a methodology for automating existing workflow processes. We see this differently.

We believe that improvements can be made to how you operate by removing needless value destroying processes, allowing you to focus on driving value out of the processes that do add value.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is a management technique for improving the efficiency of a business process within an organisation. Our consultants have considerable experience in this area, ranging from BPR in Finance Departments of large Financial Service organisations to BPR within the manufacturing sector. Our well defined approach and principles are the same regardless of client.

However, our consultants go further – we look at whether the existing business process is actually the best process. BPR as a technique can free up your most valuable resource – your employees – and allows them to generate value on other more important value creating processes. We adopt the ‘clean slate’ approach to BPR – we look at what really needs to be done to achieve the given output.

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