Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is about improving profitability whilst managing the risk of doing so. Evans Entwistle has a proven track record in working with clients and identifying areas of inefficiencies within the business and its processes, whether these processes are internal or external.

Our consultants have a variety of methodologies that identify the true cost of a business process and work with you, the client, to minimise those costs.

We establish whether your cost consumption is giving you value for money. This can be either a simple analysis of buying behaviour with your suppliers or modelling how costs flow through your business and identifying any bottlenecks to efficiency. Our clients often find that our cost reduction initiatives work in tandem with Business Process Re-Engineering and/or Based Costing.

We will assess the best strategy for implementing your cost reduction programme, whether the programme is implemented immediately or over a period of time will be dependent on each individual business. More often than not, changes to cost structure create changes to the operating model and business workflow practices. At Evans Entwistle we strive to work with our clients to effectively manage the successful implementation of such a programme whilst reducing the negative impact of the consequential change.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you improve your profitability, please visit our contact page.