Estate Planning

The regulations around inheritance tax are complex but with sound advice and prudent planning, you can minimise your tax bill and protect your assets for the future.

With no plans in place, HMRC can take 40% of your Estate – that’s 40 pence in every pound of everything you own – above the current threshold.

Each individual’s circumstances are difference – that’s why we initially offer a free no obligation fact-finding meeting to discuss your estate and the assets you hold. We will then determine the most tax efficient structure for you at your current life stage, making best use of various tax wrappers and trusts as well as identifying which of the various currently available reliefs are applicable to your circumstances.

If you have been named Executor to a will and are overwhelmed by the paperwork involved in disposing of an estate – particularly those which are complex and involved numerous assets such as property, bank accounts, savings plans and share portfolios – we are able to assist. Please contact us for advice.

We have considerable experience in all aspects of setting up and administering trusts and can act as trustee or nominee on behalf of a trust. Our range of services includes record keeping, preparation of accounts, filing of tax returns, creation of tax certificates for beneficiaries as well as advice on all aspects of capital gains taxes.

If you would like to make an appointment to speak to us about estate planning, then please visit our contact page