Tax Investigations

Being the subject of a HMRC investigation can be stressful. An investigation can take several years and can lead to serious disruption to your business or can intrude in your personal life. HMRC are tasked with increasing the revenues they collect.

This inevitably means that they are turning their attention to investigations, undertaking detailed reviews either on a random basis, because they have reason to believe that the taxpayer has underpaid or because returns or being filed late.

Investigations can be intrusive, time-consuming and stressful, and if it is discovered that tax has been underpaid, the taxpayer will have to pay what is due plus any penalty or accrued interest.

If you have complex tax affairs, or are worried about the disruption to business that an investigation may cause, then we can act as your agent.

We will liaise with HMRC in all aspects of the case, gathering the required documentary evidence, deal with queries, defend your position within the law and focus on working towards the most cost effective and efficient way to achieve closure of the investigation.

If you have received notification that you affairs are to be investigated, please contact our tax team for advice.